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Benefits of Copper Tubs & How to Choose the Best

In this short article we are going to discuss the Benefits of Copper Tubs & How to Choose the Best copper tub to make it easier for you to decide what to look for while making an investment in this piece of luxury.


The Benefits of a Copper Bathtub
A copper bathtub has antibacterial properties, chances of bacterial buildup are very small.
Change in patina allows a copper bathtub to heal itself. When scratched, the damaged area, over time fades as the copper’s patina changes.
Your body absorbs tiny quantities of copper every time it makes contact with the surface of your bath, allowing your body to replenish itself of this essential mineral.
Different shapes and sizes that copper bathtubs come in, are suitable for just about any bathroom size.
Copper bathtubs come in many finishes, from a glossy polished surface to a hammered one. Whichever you choose, your bathroom will be unique.
Copper is recyclable. It is an environment friendly and the antimicrobial properties makes it a must have for your home.
Our Copper Tubs are made of pure durable 16-gauge lab tested copper sheets.

Choosing the Best Copper Bathtub for you
The first thing when making a choice for a copper bathtub is the space. This determines the size of your bathtub.
Weight is a factor. Copper is quite soft, so do not go for one that is less than 16 gauge to ensure it does not dent easily. This will ensure your bathtub lasts, looks good, for years to come.

If your bathtub has a hammered finish. Is the hammering uniform or irregular? The latter indicates that the bathtub is handmade, while the former is done by a machine. Most people prefer the hand hammered copper tubs as this ensures that each tub is unique one of a kind artifact.

Check the edging around your bathtub. It should be smooth, curved, and in proportions.

Choose Your Style

We offer variety of copper tub styles to choose from. You can choose the tub based on bathtub base style or bathtub finish style.

The links down below would take you to specific choices:

Bathtub Base Style
Bathtub by Finish
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