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Coppersmith® Creations as the name suggest is a connoisseur of copper products manufacturing finest quality luxurious copper bathtubs, brass bathtubs, cast bronze sinks, copper kitchen sinks, copper sinks, brass sinks, copper handicrafts, & copper beverage tub.

Coppersmith Creations is a home decor company that started with an idea of making our traditional metal copper available in every home, hotel or spa nationally and internationally in the form of finest copper bathtubs, copper sinks & handicrafts with the build of 100% pure durable 16-gauge copper metal.

Copper has numerous health benefits and soaking yourself in copper bathtubs tends to heal your body and mind with the dissolved minerals. Just like drinking water from a copper glass, jug or mugs is recommended, similarly it is highly beneficial for your body if it gets a soak in copper bathtubs. Our aim is to make these products made out of traditional metal copper ubiquitous in every household and spread the trend worldwide.


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