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Double Walled Copper Bathtub

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  • Dimensions(mm): 1524 L x 762 W x 863.60 H
  • Dimensions(inches): 60″L x 30″W x 34″H.
  • Interior seat: 19″L x 11″W x 7″H
  • Antique Copper Finish
  • Hammered Interior & Exterior
  • Metal Gauge/Thickness: 16 Gauge
  • Faucet Included: No
  • Faucet Drillings: No Drillings
  • Tub Weight Uncrated (lbs): 200
  • Tub Weight Crated (lbs): 310
  • Made of 16-gauge copper.
  • Hand-polished finish.
Free Waste – Not covered in warranty.

The free waste included with the product is not covered in warranty as we procure it from third party to include as a free accessory.

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Copper Sink Care & Maintenance
Copper Sink Care & Maintenance


Double Walled Copper Bathtub

Featuring dual integral seats, the Double Walled Copper Bathtub, allows you to relax in spa-like comfort.

  • Design: Modern
  • Product Finish: Antique Copper Patina
  • Shape: Oval
  • Exterior Treatment: Hammered
  • Interior Treatment: Hammered
  • Metal Gauge/Thickness: 16 Gauge
  • Tub Weight Uncrated (lbs): 200
  • Tub Weight Crated (lbs): 310
  • Dimensions: 60″ L x 30″ W (front to back) x 34″ H (± 1″).
  • Interior seat: 19″ L x 11″ W x 7″ H (± 1″).
  • Made of 16-gauge copper.
  • Hand-polished finish.
  • Tubs are handmade and therefore unique. Expect slight variations in finish and dimensions (± 1″).
  • Requires wall- or floor-mount tub filler.
  • Insulation option: increases heat retention and prevents condensation due to water and air temperature fluctuations.

Why buy this Double Walled Copper Bathtub

Copper tub gives an attractive aesthetic feel. While being aesthetically pleasing, a copper tub also maintains good durability, being naturally resistant to scratches and other chippings that may occur. Also, for those who do not enjoy cleaning or maintenance, maintaining a copper tub is very simple and does not require the need for harsh cleaning chemicals whatsoever. Aside from the aesthetic aspect & antibacterial properties, the copper tends to have healing benefits on the body which are scientifically proven. We hence recommend to soak yourself in a copper tub twice a day if you own one of these luxurious bathing beauties.

Care & Maintenance

Naturally, copper metal is corrosion resistant hence copper bathtubs never rust. Use a mild detergent or mild soap and a soft microfiber cloth only for the cleaning of your tub. You can read more about the care and maintenance of your copper tub at the link down below:

For a more thorough cleaning, clean the bathtub occasionally with gentle or mild dish soap, warm water and a soft and clean cloth or sponge. wipe the inner and outer surfaces of your copper bathtub with the piece of cloth or sponge to keep it away from water residues held in the texture.

Our copper bathtub

Additional information

Bathtub Finish

Antique Copper Inside & Outside


1500 MM


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