Copper Slipper Tub

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  • 59″ Dimensions(mm): 1498.60 L x 787.40 W x 609.60 – 787.40 H
  • 59″ Dimensions(inches): 59″ L x 31″ W (front to back) x 24″ – 31″ H (± 1″).

  • 66″ Dimensions(mm): 1676.40 L x 838.20 W x 609.6 – 787.40 H
  • 66″ Dimensions(inches): 66″ L x 33″ W (front to back) x 24″ – 31″ H (± 1″).
  • Smooth Antique Copper Finish
  • Smooth Interior & Exterior
  • Metal Gauge/Thickness: 16 Gauge
  • Drain Included: No
  • Drain Placement: End
  • Faucet Included: No
  • Hand-polished finish.
  • Requires wall – or floor-mount tub filler.

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Copper Slipper Tub

Achieve the look of luxury in your bathroom with this Copper Slipper Tub. This tub comes in an Antique Smooth Copper finish.

  • Design: Traditional
  • Product Finish: Antique Copper
  • Overflow Hole: No
  • Shape: Oval
  • Water Depth to Rim: 18-3/4″
  • Exterior Treatment:  Smooth
  • Interior Treatment:  Smooth
  • Metal Gauge/Thickness: 16 Gauge
  • 59″ Dimensions: 59″ L x 31″ W (front to back) x 24″ – 31″ H (± 1″). Water capacity without overflow: 74 gallons.
  • 66″ Dimensions: 66″ L x 33″ W (front to back) x 24″ – 31″ H (± 1″). Water capacity without overflow: 88 gallons.
  • Hand-polished finish.
  • Copper tubs are handmade and therefore unique. Expect slight variations in finish and dimensions (± 1″).
  • Requires wall- or floor-mount tub filler.
  • The tub must be installed with a slipper end on right (as shown) for the drain passage hole to be positioned at the back of the tub.

Why you should consider investing in a Copper Slipper Tub

Newly constructed brass go through a natural aging process and may appear unsightly for a very short, “break-in” period. Initially, they will be gray in color and evolve into a rich. In a short time, your sink will develop dark spots and marks where water or other products have caused natural oxidation. This is normal. These spots will blend together and transform your sink into a beautifully vibrant display of color. Acid products, like ketchup or lemon, will remove the patina on your sink if left on for a while. Not to worry… The patina will revive quickly and any spots will vanish in a short time, depending on the minerals in your water.

Brass has the unique advantage of oxidizing over time, which means that its color continues to evolve with the life of the sink. The older it gets, the more attractive it looks. Any scratches and flaws that occur on its surface will disappear into the metal as it oxidizes.

Care & Maintenance

This Copper Bath is coated with a lacquer that maintains the finish and means that the bath only needs to be cleaned by nonabrasive, everyday bathroom cleaner and wiped with a soft cloth. The coating is durable and flexible, allowing it to stand up to the rigors of regular use. Read more on the care & maintenance.

Our copper bathtubs

Copper Bathtubs Care & Maintenance

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Additional information

Bathtub Finish

Hammered Antique, Smooth Antique


59-inch, 66-inch


1400 MM, 1600 MM


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