Round Copper Tub Inside Tin Outside Polish Copper

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The round copper bathtub is a big size bathtub that can accommodate two people comfortably. We advise you not to use it for more than two people. 

Genuine 16 gauge Lead-Free Pure Copper Bathtub.

  • Top Diameter: 1600mm =  62.99″
  • Base Diameter (Internal seating area) : 1200mm = 47.24″
  • Height: 600mm = 23.62″
  • Base Rim Height: 100mm = 3.94″
  • Weight: 60 Kg (approx.)
  • Capacity: 530 Liters
  • Made of 16-gauge pure copper sheet.
  • Tin Interior Finish
  • Polish Copper Exterior
  • Tin is not a permanent coating and wears off with time.

This is a made-to-order product. Therefore we will not be able to cancel the order after 24 hours of placing an order.

This tub is available for Local Collection only from DA1 4QX. We can also arrange delivery and provide the quote depending on the post codes.

Owing to the big size of this tub, a bathtub bed support has to be built for the bathtub during installation. The bathtub bed is not included with this bathtub. You have to get it build at your installation site yourself. The bathtub bed supports the weight of human bodies plus water.

Read more about the bathtub bed in the description down below.

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Round Copper Bathtub Technical Drawing

Round Copper Tub Inside Tin Outside Polish Copper

Round Copper Tub Inside Tin Outside Polish Copper is a great utility for hydrotherapy, relaxation, or pleasure. The Round Copper Tub is also known by the trade name Jacuzzi or Jacuzzi Bathtub.

Round Copper Bathtub Bed

Most bathtubs require a mortar or wooden base for the tub to rest on. This round copper bathtub has a special requirement for the bathtub bed considering its big size. The wooden or mortar bed is created during the installation of the bathtub and is contoured to the bottom of the tub to support the weight of human bodies plus water.

Since our round copper bathtub has a big size that can accommodate two adults comfortably, this means that the weight on the base of the bathtub which includes the weight of human bodies plus the weight of the water can be huge. Hence we recommend installing this bathtub on a bathtub bed as depicted via pictorial explanation down below.

Round Copper Bathtub Bed

Other Variations of Round Copper Tub:

Round Copper Tub Hammered Antique

Round Copper Bathtub Shining Copper Finish

Care & Maintenance

Naturally, copper metal is corrosion resistant. Hence copper bathtubs never rust. Use a mild detergent or mild soap and soft microfiber cloth only for the cleaning of your tub. You can read more about the care and maintenance of your copper tub at the link down below:

Our copper bathtubs

For more thorough cleaning, clean the bathtub occasionally with gentle or mild dish soap, warm water, and a soft and clean cloth or sponge. Wipe the inner and outer surfaces of your copper bathtub with a piece of cloth or sponge to keep it away from water residues held in the texture.


Imported in UK by Coppersmith® Creations Ltd.

Additional information

Weight 51.980 kg
Dimensions 62.99 × 47.24 × 23.62 in
Bathtub Finish

Tin Inside Copper Outside


1600 MM


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