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Copper Bath – The best bathing soaks in UK

Considering a copper bath for your new bathroom might be the best decision you would take take in your home renovation project. Copper baths are gaining popularity over the ceramic bathtubs due to wide range of benefits they offer.

Following are few reasons that makes copper baths a better choice over ceramic baths:

  1. Copper is one of the most durable and attractive metal.
  2. Copper is bacteria & mold resistant which is a good from the standpoint of hygiene. You won’t have to worry about the bacterial infections due to usage of tub by different human bodies. Bacteria just don’t survive on copper surface.
  3. Copper baths are easy to maintain.
  4. Copper bath has a unique characteristic property call “living finish” due to which the bathtub tend to heal the scratches on its surface itself overtime.
  5. Copper bathtubs retain heat for longer duration. Thus your hot water in tub would stay hot for longer.
  6. Copper is recyclable metal and hence good for environment.
  7. Copper bath is a relaxing way to replenish your body and has many health benefits.
  8. While soaking in copper tub your body tend to absorb copper which is an essential nutrient for humans.
  9. Copper helps in rejuvenating your skin cells and has therapeutic effect on joint movement.

Coppersmith® Creations brings to you the best soaking copper tubs in UK. Our copper bath are made of 16-gauge pure copper sheet. We import these tubs in UK from our manufacturing facility in India.

In addition to selling our products in UK, we have our presence in USA & Indian markets as well.

Visit our sister sites at:

Coppersmith® Creations IN
Coppersmith® Creations USA

Factors you must consider while buying a copper tub

  1. Make: It is very important to see if your copper tub is made of 16-gauge copper sheet. Anything less than 16-gauge would not be durable as copper being highly malleable metal can easily bend and get a dent. So to make sure your bathtub is sturdy and durable to take the weight of human bodies, always ask for 16-gauge copper tubs.
  2. Joints: You must also look how your copper bathtub ends are joined. There are generally two process, one is soldering and another is welding. Soldering is generally weaker method of joining while welding is stronger. Always ask manufacturer whether they use soldering or welding for joins.
  3. Hammering details: Most people generally prefer hand-hammered bathtubs as it adds a unique character to their bathtub. You can easily identify hand-hammered from machine made bathtub as the hammering on the surface would be irregular in depth, size & texture.


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