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Roll Top Bath as the name suggests has a beautiful rolled edge all around the bath which creates a traditional and opulent design. The rolled edges makes it safe to get in and get out of bath without hurting yourself.

A roll top bath is a beautiful addition for any bathroom. It instantly uplifts the aesthetics and aura of your bathing space. 

Coppersmith® Creations brings to you an exclusive selection of copper bath. These copper baths are manufactured by world renowned Indian artisans. Quality is our promise to our customers and that is what we commit to give you. The 16-gauge roll top bath is the best investment you will ever make for a bathroom fixture. 

Browse through our exclusive selection of roll top bath in UK

Round Roll Top Baths

Clawfoot Roll Top Baths

Consider going through following blog post to know about reasons that makes copper baths a better choice over ceramic baths

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Custom Bathtub Manufacture

In addition to copper tubs listed on our website, we do a lot of custom bathtub manufacture according to design and size specification our clients.
In case you have any such requirement head over to following link and drop us a message:
Manufacture against order

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